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Brooksville, Florida


Molly and Joy-Joy are half sisters (same dad.) They are a cross between a regular Saanen (A large goat that can grow to over 300 pounds) and a Nigerian Dwarf. Molly is 170 pounds and Joy-Joy is 100 pounds of solid muscle! Joy-Joy joined us in November of 2011 after the death of her 1/2 brother Nick (We really miss him.)

Our girls go into heat in the fall (estrus) about every 3 weeks for about 3 months We have no plans to breed them at this time. Molly and Joy-Joy were bottle raised, and are given lots of attention. Because of this, they are very tame and gentle. They never bite, but love to nibble on your clothes and hair. Molly loves big hugs, and Joy-Joy is fond of having her head scratched!

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