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  • Location: South West Florida, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing a pair of bald eagles nesting and breeding in South West Florida, United States. The bald eagles are called Victoria and Nicholas.
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More info: The bald eagle nest is located on private property surrounded by swamp and marshland as well as large cattle ranches. There is a state park very close which has excellent water and hunting resources which make this area highly adaptable for the bald eagles. The ranch has been with the same family for generations and the nest has been on the property for around 20 years.
The bald eagles inhabited their original nest on the property from 2001 – 2017 until it was downed when the pine tree toppled during Hurricane Irma in the summer of 2017. Immediately after Hurricane Irma, the pair began to build a new nest in a pine tree adjacent to the first one. Unfortunately, that nest was blown out of the tree on December 21, 2018. Once again, the determined pair immediately rebuilt in the exact same spot.