• Local time
  • Location: Lake Hornborgasjön, Sweden
  • Source: Webbkameror
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing common storks in Sweden. The webcam is located at Lake Hornborgasjön

More info: Lake Hornborgasjön is located in the west Swedish province of Västergötland and is home to Lake Hornborga Nature Reserve - one of Europe’s most important bird lakes and wetlands.

In late March the first cranes return from Spain, where they spend the winter and suddenly the area changes from a deserted winter landscape to a lively meeting place. In the southern part of the lake the cranes find and dance with their partners amidst throngs of other birds, before lifting off and continuing to their breeding grounds in northern Sweden. The peak is during the first week of April when around 20,000 cranes are present, but many stay until the end of the month.