bird feeder in kansas


  • Local time
  • Location: Fort Scott, Kansas, United States
  • Source: Backyard Birding Midwest
  • Info: Live streaming garden bird webcam in Scott County in Kansas, United States. The webcam is located in a back yard in the middle of town.

More info: Kansas is home to approximately 453 species of birds. The most frequently seen bird in the state of Kansas is the Northern Cardinal which is reported on 48% of bird watching lists. Northern Cardinals are year-round residents throughout Kansas.

Kansas has 26 state parks which offer great bird watching opportunities from the eastern woodlands or prairie grasslands in the west. Central Kansas has Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge wetlands. Kansas is also an important stopover point for migrating birds.

The State bird of Kansas is the western meadowlark which was chosen by school children to represent the state in 1925.