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  • Location: A Forest near Biborteni, Romania

    Live streaming webcam showing a grey herons nest in Biborteni in Romania. The nest is part of a breeding colony which is located in a pine forest. The nest is made of twigs and grass and is built by both the male and female.

More info: Grey herons are related to and resemble the North American Great Blue Herons and the South American Cocoi Herons or White-necked Herons - both of which are slightly larger in size.
The Grey heron is fairly common in most parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. The northern dwellers migrate south during hard winters. Grey herons may reside in several types of habitats with either shallow fresh, salt or brackish water. They can be found in open regions, but require trees for nesting. Grey herons are often seen near rivers, marshes, lakes, and rice fields. On the coast, they are found in estuaries, tidal mudflats and mangroves.
Fish, amphibians, small mammals and insects are taken in shallow water with the heron's long bill. They have also been observed catching and killing juvenile birds such as ducklings, and occasionally take birds up to the size of a water rail. Grey herons generally hunt in shallow water - either by standing completely still in or at the side of water waiting for prey, or slowly stalking it, and then striking rapidly when it comes into range. Grey herons have razor sharp beaks which allow them to stab their prey, especially fish, to kill them quickly and efficiently before swallowing them whole.