This camera operates 24 hours a day. There maybe some periods when its offline due to poor weather conditions or maintenance.

In the daytime the camera is focused on birds feeding and bathing at the wild boar waterhole. At night we switch cameras to feature Iberian wild boar, foxes and the occasional wild cat

Pla de Corrals, Valencia, Spain

Our Live streaming cam is situated on the outskirts of the village of Pla de Corrals, Valencia Province, Spain. During the day we capture the birds that visit the wild boar waterhole including robins, Sardinian warblers, black birds, wagtails, thrushes, sparrows and finches.

At night we switch cameras, although very close to the village our camera catches the amazing nightlife. The waterhole where the camera is placed has been there over a year and is visited almost every night by groups of Iberian Wild Boar (sus scrofa baeticus).

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