osprey nest in finland


  • Local tme
  • Location: Ilomantsi, Finland
  • Source: Ilomantsin sääkset
  • Info: Live streaming osprey webcam in Finland. The nesting ospreys are called Manta (female) and Manu.

More info: Ilomantsi is located in the North Karelia region of Finland. It is the most eastern point of Finland and of the continental part of the European Union and shares a border with Russia.

The municipality of IIomantsi is sparsely populated and is characterized mostly by forests and boglands. About 250 km2 (97 sq mi) of the area is designated as natural reserves, among them the national parks Petkeljärvi and Patvinsuo. The most important bodies of water in Ilomantsi are the lakes Koitere and Nuorajärvi and the river Koitajoki.

Ospreys build their nests in the uppermost forks of trees which have an open view of the surrounding land. In Finland, suitable nesting trees are usually limited to old pines which have a flat crown and strong upper branches.