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  • Location: Johns Private Aviary, England
  • Source: john hartley
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing parrots and cockatiels in a private aviary in England. The bird cam shows Johns aviary which has crimson bellied conures, pineapple conures, yellow sided conures, maroon bellied conures, rosifron conures, sun conures, albino cockatiels and the smallest parrots in the world the celestial parrotlets.

More info: Conures are small to medium-sized members of the parrot family from South America. They have long tail feathers and range in size from just under 10 inches to just over 20 inches. They are highly intelligent and good-natured birds. Depending on the species, some can learn to talk, some are considered quiet and others have quite a loud screech. All conures have a bright, stunning colouration and this is why they are popular as pets. Conures are active and busy birds that need plenty of toys and other forms of enrichment to keep them happily occupied throughout the day.

The conures breeding season is between December and may. The female can lay between 4-7 eggs depending on species. They have a life span of about 35 years in a good environment.

Cockatiels are members of the cockatoo family and are native to Australia. Cockatiels are also referred to as weiros and quarrians. They are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed.

The Albino Cockatiel is not a true 'albino, but is actually a combination of a White-faced Cockatiel and a Lutino Cockatiel. The Whiteface gene removes all the yellow and orange that would be present in a Lutino, and the Lutino gene removes all the black and grey. The result is an all white cockatiel with red eyes.

Pacific Parrotlets, also known as Celestial, Western, Lesson's or Ridgway's Parrotlets - occur naturally in Western Ecuador and North-western Peru. Pacific parrotlets are the smallest members of the parrot family, often nicknamed "pocket parrots" for one of their favourite hiding places. Their small size and quiet nature make them an ideal choice for people who live in apartments or have limited space. Some parrotlets can learn to talk quite well, although it is not known for being a big talker. They make wonderfully affectionate and adorable pets.