• Local time
  • Location: Oulu, Finland
  • Source: Luontolive
  • Info: Live streaming webcam with red squirrels in a forest in Finland.

More info: The squirrel is the animal emblem of Helsinki. Finland is Europes most heavily forested country so it is no surprise it is home to the red squirrel. During the last century, Squirrels have spread from coniferous forests to urban gardens and parks and are frequent visitors in the suburbs.
Squirrels mainly feed on the seeds of conifer trees, nuts and acorns, but they also eat mushrooms, the bark of young trees and insects and sometimes, they may raid bird nests. Squirrels store food in hollow trees for the winter season.
A squirrel may have several summer and winter nests in its living area. Summer nests are built with leafy branches in branch junctions. Winter nests and nests where cubs are born are larger and closer to the tree branch. Nests can often be found in large bird nest boxes and in buildings, as well.
The female squirrel carries her cubs from 35 to 40 days and usually gives birth twice during the summer season – once in March or April and once again during the early summer. The female gives birth to 3 to 7 cubs at a time, and they will leave their mother, when they are eight weeks old.