free range egg laying hens


  • Local Time
  • Location: Campvale near Port Stevens, New South Wales, Australia
  • Info: Live webcam showing chickens on a farm producing free range eggs, in New South Wales, Australia. Live viewing is in daylight hours and when the weather is fine.

More info: The hens are on family owned farms nestled in regional pockets of coastal New South Wales. During the day the hens roam in and out of the barn, scratch around and exercise in a secure area. This allows the hens to supplement their special formulated feed with other natural foods such as grass, leaves, seeds, insects and small stone fragments that aid digestion and release necessary trace minerals.
At night and during periods of very heavy rain or violent storms the hens are tucked up safe inside their barn. When inside, the hens’ comfort is ensured by an environmentally friendly layer facility. Food, lighting and temperature is regulated in the hen house so the hens experience a comfortable environment year round. When it gets too hot fans and foggers are activated to keep the hens cool.