Funny Video of Flying Elephants and Giraffes

  • Info: Funny animal video with a fabulous compilation of French advertisements featuring elephants, tortoise, giraffes and ostriches all airborne in one form or another.

Funny Video of Laughing Horses

  • Info: Funny video with horses laughing whilst watching a man attempt to reverse his vehicle and horse box. The advert is one of many animal themed ones from Volkswagen.

Cat Annoyed By Pestering Dog

  • Info: Hilarious cat and dog video. The video shows a Siamese cat boxing with a dog who is trying to play and make friends.

Video with a Break Dancing Gorilla

  • Info: Funny video showing Zola - a break dancing gorilla at the Calgary Zoo in Canada

Video with a Cheaky Crow and Rotweiler

  • Info: Funny Video of a cheaky crow annoying a Rotweiler dog in a park. The crow eventually gives the tail of the rotweiler a good tweek!

Video of Ostrich Learning to Fly

  • Info: Looks like they really can get airborne ! Funny Video showing an ostrich who learns to fly in the advert for Samsung.

Video with a Funky Woodcock Dancing

  • Info: Funny video showing a woodcock dancing and strutting his stuff.

Dogs Go Camping Video

  • Info: Funny Video of dogs going on a camping trip in a Subaru car advert.

Hippo Devouring Watermelons

  • Info: Funny video showing a hippo devouring whole watermelons.

Disco the Talking Budgie

  • Info: Video showing an incedibly clever and funny talking budgie called Disco.

Funny Video of Animal Attacks

  • Info: Funny video of unexpected animal attacks on people.

Happy Elephants Playing in the Rain

  • Info: Funny video showing elephants playing in the rain and mud at San Diego Zoo.

Disco Dancing Peacock Spider

  • Info: Disco dancing peacock spider

Funny Video with Escaping Animals

  • Info: Funny video with animals escaping from their pens, cages, houses etc.