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  • Location: Unity Farm Sanctuary, Sherborn, Massachusetts, United States
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  • Info: Live goat and llama webcam at Unity Farm Sanctuary in Massachusetts, United Sates. The goat breeds shown include Nubian, pygmy and silky fainting goats.

More info: Unity Farm Sanctuary was founded by Dr. John Halamka and Kathy Halamka in 2016. The mission of Unity Farm Sanctuary is to provide a safe and loving lifelong home for farm animals, to offer the public unique educational programs, and to promote a culture of kindness and connection.

Residents farm animals at the sanctuary include alpaca, horses, ponies, miniature horses, sheep, cows, goats, pigs and a vast array of feathered creatures as well. They network with the community and other organizations to help as many farm animals as possible find loving lifelong homes. By working together with the community on topics such as farm animal care, sustainable organic farming practices, the power of kindness, and volunteerism, they hope to extend their impact for positive change for animals and people alike.