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  • Location: Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, New York, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming sheep webcam at Farm Sanctuary in the United States. The sheep are a barn at the sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. Farm sanctuary was founded in 1986 and was America's first shelter for farmed animals including cows, sheep, pigs and turkeys.

More info: The Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary is in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. The rolling green pastures of Farm Sanctuary’s 275-acre site are home to more than 800 rescued farm animals. The Southern California Sanctuary is located on a hacienda ranch in Acton with around 100 animals.

The East Friesian breed of sheep originated in the Friesland area in the north of Holland and Germany. They have with white wool, white faces and ears and legs all clean of wool. Their most distinctive physical feature is a "rat-tail" which is thin and free of wool. East Fresian sheep are particularly used for cross-breeding to improve the milk production and lambing percentage of other sheep breeds. The East Friesian sheep is considered to be the worlds highest producing dairy sheep.

Suffolk sheep have a black face, legs, and ears. The head and the ears do not have wool, but they are covered with fine hairs. They have no horns (polled) and usually have a short tail. The Suffolk has hard-black feet, making a breed that can perform well in a variety of different climates. Suffolk sheep were introduced in the USA around 1888, it was then considered to be the largest breed in the country during that time. It is estimated that the Suffolk is one of the most common purebred sheep breeds in U.S.A.

The Katahdin is a breed of domestic sheep developed in Maine, United States and named after Mount Katahdin - the state’s highest peak. The breed was developed during the second half of the 20th century by crossing selected St. Croix sheep from the Virgin Islands with various other breeds, including the including the Suffolk. Lambs were selected based on hair coat, meat-type conformation, high fertility, and flocking instinct.

The Romanov sheep is a breed of domestic sheep originating from the Upper Volga region in Russia. They are pure black when they are born, but as they grow older the colour quickly changes to gray. This breed of sheep is raised primarily for meat.