st augustine alligator farm


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  • Location: St Augustine Alligator Farm, Florida, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming alliagtor webcam at St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida, United States. St Augustine Alligator Farm is home to hundreds of alligators and crocodiles as well as other exotic creatures and coastal birds.

More info: St Augustine Alligator Farm is home to extremely rare albino alligators which came from the bayous of Louisiana.

Visitors are also able to see every recognized crocodilian species from around the world, From the small Chinese alligator to the rare Indian gharial and Nile crocodile.

The largest animal at The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is Maximo. He is an impressive 15 foot 3 inch, 1,250-pound saltwater crocodile, or “Saltie” as his species is called in Australia. Maximo hatched from an egg collected by aborigines along an Australian riverbank. He can be seen close-up via an underwater viewing window.