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  • Location: Kansas City Zoo, Kansas, Missouri, USA
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  • Info: Live webcam streaming Bornean Orangutans at the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri.

  • More Info: Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) are an endangered great ape found only on the island of Borneo. Along with Sumatran orangutans, these incredible creatuures belong to the only genus of the great apes found in Asia. Bornean orangutans are the largest tree dwelling mammals. Being frugivores and with a diet of over 400 types of fruit they are important dispersers of seeds which pass through their digestive system.

    These great apes are very closely related to human beings and have 97% of DNA in common. Orangutans are intelligent and inquisitive and are capable of learning by observation instead of relying solely on instinct. There are quite a lot of stories about them escaping from zoos having watched their keepers lock and unlock doors. In 1990 a female orangutan called Cheyenne escaped from her enclosure at Kansas City Zoo for around 20 minutes, by unscrewing 4 bolts.