chilean flamingo


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  • Location: Mpala Ranch, Laikipia County, Kenya, East Africa
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showcasing Chilean flamingos at the Houston Zoo. Watch these graceful waterbirds with their colourful plumage, wading and feeding in their lake.

    One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Chilean flamingo, over its other widespread counterparts, is the pink “cap” that covers its ankle joints. The joints are designed to aid the flamingo in dipping its head under the water, in order to feed. The feet of the Chilean flamingo are also pink, another characteristic that distinguishes it from its other cousins.

    Flamingos are very particular about their plumage and spend alot of time preening their feathers to keep them clean and waterproof. When they sleep or rest, they tend to face the wind, in order to keep rain and moisture from penetrating their downy coats.