Adult Spotted Hyena


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  • Location: Milwaukee County Zoo, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
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  • Info: live webcam featuring Hyenas at the Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin. Spotted hyenas are the largest of the 4 types of Hyena - the other three being brown hyenas and striped hyenas anf the aardwolf.

    Spotted hyenas are the most abundant large carnivores in Africa. Originally distributed nearly all over Africa and Eurasia, they now only occur in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite their reputation as scavengers they are extremely efficient hunters and generally kill about 90% of the food they consume. Spotted hyenas have excellent night vision and are generally nocturnal. They often hunt in groups and can take down big animals such as wildebeest, antelope, zebras and young hippos. Their extra strong jaws allow them to chew through every piece of their kill, including the bones. Spotted hyenas are intelligent social mammals and live in structured groups, called clans, of up to 80 individuals. Females are heavier than males and can weigh up to 82kg. There is a strict hierarchy, where females rank higher than males, and the group is led by the alpha female.