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  • Location: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland, Australia
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  • Info: Live video camera showing Koalas in Australia. The webcam is located at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia. The camera is focused on an area where the koalas like to get together and have a cuddle.

More info: Koalas are present in four Australian states which are Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. They are commonly found in southern and eastern coastal regions from Adelaide to Cairns, and further inland where the landscape and climate can support woodlands. Koalas only inhabit areas where eucalyptus is present. There are many hundreds of species of eucalyptus but koalas will only eat certain species.

The eucalyptus leaves provide a high fibre, low-protein food source which means koalas have to feed often, as they are unable to store excess energy as fat. They rely on a slow metabolism and conservation of energy and will sleep and rest for a minimum of 16 hours a day. Koalas generally feed for two to four hours every day, generally in the evening, or when the climate is drier, in the morning to obtain moisture from the dew on leaves.

Koalas generally show a preference for younger foliage, as it usually contains more nitrogen, moisture, and sugars than older, mature foliage. The palatability of certain species depends a lot on the available nutrient in the soil, as trees growing in poor nutrient areas tend to produce compounds in their leaves that deter the koalas from feeding, thus protecting their foliage.