large black bear


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  • Location: North American Bear Centre, Ely Minnesota, USA
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing black bears at the North American Bear Centre in Ely, Minnesota.

  • More Info: The North American Bear Center was set up to provide information about black bears behaviour, ecology and their relationship with humans. The centre is a home for several ambassador bears who live in enclosures which have been made as natural as possible. The centre also features exhibits, a theater, children's activities, and interpretive nature trails.

    The black bear ( Ursus americanus ) is the smallest, yet most common, of the three bear species found in America – after the polar bear and grizzly bear. Black bears are only found in North America and generally inhabit forests living on a diet of fruits, nuts, shoots and vegetation. Grizzly bears tend to live in more open vegetation but there is still some overlap between the two. The grizzly is much stronger and more aggressive and if there was a fight between the two the grizzly would definitely win.