group of asian small clawed otters


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  • Location: Jacksonville Zoo, Florida, United States
  • Source: Jacksonville Zoo
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing Asian small clawed otters at Jacksonville Zoo in Florida, United States. Jacksonville Zoo occupies approximately 122 acres and has over 2,000 animals and 1,000 plant species in its collection.

More info: The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest of all otters and are found in southeast Asia throughout Indonesia, Philippines, southern India and China. This species lives in shallow freshwater habitats, near the edges of rivers, creeks, estuaries, wetlands and coastal waters. Their small head, short legs and flattened tail create a streamlined silhouette, designed to aid efficient movement through the water. Asian small-clawed otters form monogamous pairs for life. With a gestation period of around 60 days, pairs will have 2 litters a year of up to 7 pups. The pups spend up to 14 weeks weaning and spend most of their lives with their mothers until the next litter is born.