Humboldt Penguins


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  • Location: Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland
  • Source: Dublin Zoo
  • Info: Live streaming Humboldt Penquin webcam at Dublin Zoo in Ireland. Wild Humboldt Penguins are found along the pacific west coast of South America, from Isla Foca in Peru down to Isla Guafo in southern Chile.

More info: Their black and white colouring of the Humboldt penguin is known as countershading and serves as an effective camouflage in the water. The white belly blends seamlessly with the lighter surface waters when viewed from below, while the black back provides an excellent disguise against the darkness of the deeper waters when viewed from above.

In their natural habitat, Humboldt penguins build their nests from seabird excrement called guano. When males first arrive at the breeding ground, they use their feet and flippers to shape the guano and complete their nests using soil and stones.

Video showing the penguins at Dublin Zoo:

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