tufted puffin


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  • Location: Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon, United Sates
  • Source: www.aquarium.org/
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at the seabird aviary at Oregon State Aquarium in the United States.

More info: The seabird aviary at Oregon Coast Aquarium is an open-air walk-through aviary which is one of the largest of its kind in North America. It is home to tufted puffins, horned puffins, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots, common murres and black oystercatchers.

The aviary has two pools which provide the birds with ample swimming and diving opportunities. There is a 30-foot rocky cliff rising above the north pool, with ledges and walkways that allow the birds to rest, groom and dive from the cliff’s face. There is another area which provides built-in burrows in the rock and smaller nesting boxes for the various bird species.

Tufted Puffins, Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets and Pigeon Guillemots are members of the Alcid family and are commonly found off the Oregon Coast. They spend most of their lives at sea, returning to rookeries along the rocky coast once a year to breed.