• Local time
  • Location: Hatadagumi, Sumoto, Hyogo, Japan
  • Source: Kumi Nobuhara
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing wild snow monkeys (Japanese macaques) at the Awaji Island Monkey Centre in Japan.

More info: The Monkey Centre is situated at Kashiwara Mountain on Awaji Island, Hyogo City, and is home to around 300 wild monkeys. Wild monkeys inhabit Kashiwara Mountain, but come down to the centre in the morning and go back around sunset everyday. Visitors can observe and interact with friendly monkeys in the natural environment. The web camera offers live views of the monkeys playing, sleeping, eating and interacting with people.

From early September onwards the snow monkeys tend to stay more in the mountains as they are able to gorge themselves on mountain fruits.

Snow monkeys, also known as Japanese Macaques, live in Japan’s forests, highlands, and mountains. They are the only primates to live so far north besides humans. Snow monkeys are omnivores with a diet consisting of bark, twigs, fruit, insects, eggs and small mammals. They live in troops of around 20 to 30 individuals, led by an alpha male. Snow monkeys are excellent swimmers and are known to be one of the cleverest species of monkey.

Some monkeys have been said to season their food, for example by washing sweet potato in salty water. They have also been seen to clean their food, separating grains from dirt and sand by rinsing them in water and waiting for the unwanted grime to sink away.