Mexican Grey Wolf


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  • Location: The Wolf Conservation Centre, South Salem, New York, USA
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing Mexican Grey wolves and Red Wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center, in South Salem, New York. The wolf webcams allow you to meet the "Ambassador" wolves Atka, Alawa, Zephyr and Nikai. There are 2 cameras showing a view of the wolves enclosure and their den.

More info: The Mexican wolf is the rarest subspecies of gray wolf in North America. It was once common throughout parts of the southwestern United States but by the 1970s it was almost eliminated. Due to conservation and re-releasing projects over the following decades the population was gradually increased and now once again the howl of the Mexican wolf can be heard in the mountains of the southwestern United States.

Although their numbers have grown slowly, they remain the most endangered subspecies of wolf in the world because of compromised genetics, human intolerance and reluctance to release more individuals and bonded pairs to the wild.

Humans pose the greatest threat because of intolerance and misconceptions about Mexican gray wolves. The genetic diversity of Mexican gray wolves also needs careful monitoring and improvement because inbreeding is a serious threat in the wild.