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  • Location: Frying Pan Shoal Towewr, 34 miles off Cape Fear, North Carolina, United States
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  • Info: This deep water live webcam features sharks, barracuda, rays and many other species of fish that hang around deep sea manmade structures. The live webcam is located beneath the Frying Pan Shoal Tower, approximately 34 miles off Cape Fear, North Carolina.

More info: The Frying Pan Tower, erected in 1964, is located at the Frying Pan Shoals - a long, shifting area of shoals off Cape Fear. The shoals have been a hazard to ships in the area since the beginning of European exploration and the area is littered with shipwrecks. The frying pan tower was originally a remote lighthouse platform and protected ships from running aground in the shallow areas where it stands. With the development of modern-day navigation technology it’s use as a lighthouse was no longer needed and 1992 it was closed and rendered obsolete.
Responsible for saving countless lives at sea, today the tower offers safety for mariners in the Atlantic Ocean, serves as a natural ecosystem for marine wildlife, and provides a location for numerous research and educational institutions to conduct environmental and oceanic studies.
The ocean here averages between 35 feet and 70 feet deep and being littered with shipwrecks and reefs it provides a habitat for a plethora of sea life including sharks, groupers, large species of snappers, hogfish, and many species of porgies and grunts and barracuda.