Live Webcams with Turtles


  • Location: Clear Water Marine Aquarium, Clearwater, Florida, USA
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  • Info: Live webcam featuring an exhibit with rescued and rehabilitated sea turtles at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida. You may also see red fish, hogfish, tarpon, lookdowns and stingrays. Clearwater Marine Aquarium, is a rescue, rehabilitation and release facility specializing in dolphins, otters and sea turtles.

    Sea turtles migrate long distances sometimes crossing entire oceans and in so doing they are exposed to many dangers. They often drown when caught in fishing gear. Pollution like plastic bags can be mistaken for food such as jellyfish and if ingested can cause an intestinal blockage. Coastal development can interfere with important nesting sites and artificial light from houses and other buildings detracts hatchlings away from reaching the ocean.