cownose ray


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  • Location: California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
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  • Info: Live strteaming webcam showing rays and tropical fish typically found in a reef lagoon. Species include Cownose Ray, Blue-spotted ribbontail ray, Honeycomb ray, bluespotted stingray, Moon wrasse, Convict surgeon, Copperband butterflyfish, Blackstriped angelfish, Indian pompano, Longnose butterflyfish and Bluestreak damselfish.

    Rays are part of a group of fish called elasmobranchs, whose skeletons are made of soft, flexible cartilage, while the other fish in the lagoon exhibit are teleosts, or bony fishes. Rays have a high ratio of brain weight to body weight; they are probably very intelligent, even smarter than sharks. They are known to be very curious animals, often approaching a diver and simply observing the intruder.