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  • Location: Popes Eye, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia
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  • Info: Live streaming underwater webcam showing kelp, reef fish, coral and marine life at Popes Eye, Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia.

More info: Popes Eye is part of the 3580ha Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park. It is located about 5km north east of Portsea and is an artificial structure protruding above the water surface. It is the uncompleted foundation for an island fort intended to defend the entrance to Port Phillip. Pope's Eye is a semi-circular, horse-shoe shaped ring of large basalt blocks creating an artificial reef.
The tops of the rocks are covered by green algae and extensive beds of brown kelps including both giant kelp and leathery kelp. Pope's Eye is a sanctuary for a huge variety of species including colourful reef fish, octopus, featherstars, cuttlefish, seals and gorgonian corals. There are Scalyfin, Old Wives, Sea Sweep, Horseshoe Leatherjackets, Blue Throat Wrasse, Purple Wrasse, Rosy Wrasse, Magpie Perch, Barber Perch, Leatherjacket, Southern Hulafish, Herring Cale and Cow Fish, just to name a few commonly seen. The elusive Warty Prowfish is known to be a resident here too.