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  • Location: Harbour Village, Bonaire, Caribbean
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  • Info: Live streaming underwater webcam showing lots of fish and marine life at a reef at Harbour Village, Bonaire in the Caribbean. Watch out for trumpetfish, French Angelfish, cowfish, barracuda, blue runners, filefish and lots more.

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The webcam is located on the north side of the harbour entrance at Harbour Village Beach Club. The island of Bonaire is known to be a habitat for one of the last remaining healthy coral reefs of the Caribbean and as such researchers study different methods of coral restoration.
Bonaire is surrounded by fringing reefs and the whole area is protected as part of the Bonaire National Marine Park. There are around 55 species of coral in Bonaire. The shallows from shore to drop-off contain Elkhorn, Staghorn, Boulder Star and dominant stony coral as well as a variety of Gorgonia. From the drop-off there is Boulder Star coral and Lettuce coral. At greater depths, the dominant species are the plate-forming corals such as Great Star and Blushing Star coral. Various densities of Gorgonians, black corals and sponges appear and differ between areas.
Some fish found throughout Bonaire’s waters include colourful parrot fish, angel fish, sergeant majors, butterfly fish, scrawled file fish, grunts, groupers, blue tangs and Jacks.
Bonaire’s coral reefs have some of the highest coral cover in the Caribbean and host an amazing array of marine life. The adjacent waters are home to many species that visit the reefs, such as sea turtles, tuna, dolphins, eagle rays, whale shark and manta ray.