reef fish


  • Local Time
  • Location: Hawaii, United States
  • Source: Aqualink Hawaii
  • Info: Live streaming underwater webcam in Hawaii, United States. The webcam is part of a collaboration with Aqualink, The MEGA Lab, and View Into The Blue. The project is designed to revolutionize marine monitoring by developing innovative observatory stations.

More info: The webcam is located at one of the buoys belonging to Aqualink

Hawaii has over 85% of the coral reefs in America, with most of them in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. The reefs in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands are part of the largest marine conservation area in the world.

Like all Hawaii life forms, ancestors of the organisms that build reef communities traveled across the vast Pacific to arrive on island shores. Roughly half of marine species indigenous to Hawaii are also indigenous to the waters of Indonesia, the Philippines , and other islands of the Indo-West Pacific region.

These organisms were dispersed to Hawaii as floaters, swimmers, and hitch-hikers on currents that circulate the North Pacific . Biologists consider that all Hawaii corals originated in the Indo-west Pacific region, hence easterly currents are required to populate Hawaiian reefs.