loggerhead turtle fitted with satelite device

    21 loggerhead turtles born on the Cala Arturo beach in the Region of Murcia have been raised in the tanks of IMIDA centre in San Pedro del Pinatar and later acclimatised in tanks of Centro Oceanografico in Valacencia. This is the first record of loggerhead turtles breeding on the Murcian coast in 100 years.

    A year later on October 6 2020, three of these loggerhead turtles (caretta caretta) were released into the sea at Cala Arturo in the Calblanque Regional Park, Murcia, Spain. The turtles have been fitted with satellite transmitters to track their movements in the Mediterranean. The three turtles named Caretto, Bobico and Argonauta, have swum hundreds of kilometres in the open sea looking for suitable foraging areas.


    The most adventurous to date is Argonauta, whose last position, received on December 5, is off the southwest coast of Sardinia, 800 km away from their release point on Cala Arturo Beach. Her partner Bobico is also not far behind and is currently halfway between the Balearic Islands and Sardinia, more than 600 km from the Cala Arturo beach. The third turtle Caretto is a long way behind and was detected on November 8 around Ibiza Island. The signal was lost for 20 days and she is still close to Ibiza also travelling East

    I will keep you updated on the aventures of Caretto, Bobico and Argonauta.

    loggerhead turtlehatcling


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