emperor penguins


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  • Location: Detroit Zoo, Michigan, United States
  • Source: www.detroitzoo.org
  • Info: Live streaming king penguin webcam at Detroit Zoo in Michigan. The zoo has king penguins, macaroni penguins and rockhopper penguins.

More info: The king penguin Is the second largest species of penguin, being smaller, but somewhat similar in appearance to the emperor penguin. King penguins are easily recognisable by the vivid orange feathers on their heads and upper chests. In the wild, King penguins only come ashore during the breeding season and to moult. King penguins live in sub-antarctic island groups and in southern South America. They raise one chick every other year as it takes approximately nine months for a king chick to fledge.

Macaroni penguins have a striking bright yellow crest that arises from a patch on the centre of the forehead, and extends horizontally backwards to the nape. Macaroni penguins range from the Subantarctic to the Antarctic Peninsula. Adult macaroni penguins typically begin to breed late in October, and lay their eggs in early November. Usually it is only the second egg that gets developed.

Rockhopper penguins have yellow feathers extending from their eyebrows. They are found on the craggy, windswept shorelines of the islands north of Antarctica, from Chile to New Zealand. The name rockhopper comes from the bird’s ability to jump off cliffs. When on land, they tend to hop and are able to jump up to 6 feet. These gregarious marine birds are among the world's smallest penguins, standing about 20 inches tall.

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