Hippo Devouring Watermelons

  • Info: Funny video showing a hippo devouring whole watermelons.

Video of Animals Behaving Badly

  • Info: Video showing mischievous animals having fun and playtime at Oregon Zoo, United States.

Video of Baby Hippo Fiona

  • Info: Video of baby hippo Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States. The video shows some never-before-seen moments of Fiona with her care team in her first few months of life.

Baby Ellies Playing with Water

  • Info: Animal video showing happy baby elephants having fun with water at the Houston Zoo in Texas.

Video with a Break Dancing Gorilla

  • Info: Break Dancing Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo in Canada

Happy Baby Elephant Just Loving Life

  • Info: Video showing a cute happy baby elephant playing at the zoo. The footage is taken at Reid Park Zoo in Arizona, United States.

Funny Chimps Looking in a Mirror

  • Info: Funny Video showing chimps inspecting themselves in Mirrors. Chimpanzees are able to recognise themselves in a mirror.

Video wiyh Siamang Apes being Vocal

  • Info: Funny video showing very vocal siamang apes at a zoo. The siamangs use a very large throat sac to make vocalisations.

Video of Raisin the Sloth

  • Info: Video showing the loveable two toed sloth called raisin, being fed grapes.

Two Toed Sloth Eating Treats

  • Info: Video showing Vlad a two toed sloth eating treats at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC.