Video of a Brave Dikkop

  • Info: A very brave dikkop fends off a monitor lizard to protect the neighbouring crocodile nest. The dikkop locates its nest close to the nest of the Nile crocodile for protection from other predators.

Video of the Sandwich Tern Waltz

  • Info: Video of the Sandwich Tern Waltz. Amazing waltz like dance typical of courting sandwich turns, at Coquet Island.

Jacana Dad Rescues Chicks from Croc

  • Info: Clever Jacana (Lilly Trotter) dad has an ingenious way to rescue his chicks from the danger of a crocodile

Flamingo Chicks First Steps

  • Info: Video showing a Caribbean flamingo chick taking its firts wobbly steps in the nest to try out its long legs.

Pied Butcher Bird Sings Its Heart Out

  • Info: Video showing a pied butcher bird serenading a lady in Australia.

Video of Flamingo Chick Hatching

  • Info: Video showing a flamingo chick hatching.