Video with Mother and Baby Crocs

  • Info: Mother crocodlie scoops up baby crocs in to her cavernous mouth full of deadly teeth.

Video with Bats and Crocodiles

  • Info: Video showing bats desparate to drink and cool down with water festooned with crocs. Crocodiles can jump out of the water straight into the air at a moments notice to snatch their prey..

Video with Indian Gharial Crocodiles

  • Info: Video showing Indian Gharial crocodiles feeding at the Bronx Zoo in the United States. Gharial crocs have unusual and very distinctive long thin snouts

Video in a Pit of Rattlesnakes

  • Info: Video showing the recording from a Go Prone camera after it falls in to a pit of rattlesnakes.

Video with Deadly King Cobras

  • Info: Video showing a mass of slithering and wriggling deadly King Cobras.