group of white tailed deer


  • Local Time
  • Location: Garden in Lowcounty area, South Carolina, United States
  • Source: Critter Vision
  • Info: Live deer and wildlife webcam in a garden in Lowcounty, South Carolina, United States. As well as deer, other visitors include wild turkeys, opossums and foxes.
    The webcam which is very active both day and night, is courtesy of Critter Vision.

    To watch more live views of wild deer, visit: Live Deer and Elk Webcams

More info: The white-tailed deer became the state animal of South Carolina in 1972.

The white-tailed deer has two seasonal coats. The spring/summer coat is reddish tan, and relatively short, with a thin and wiry hair texture. The winter coat is more grayish or even bluish tan with heavy, long guard hairs and a thick undercoat that provides excellent insulation.

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