deer in cabaneros national park in spain


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  • Location: Cabaneros National Park, Castilla La Mancha, Spain
  • Source: SEOBirdLife
  • Info: Live streaming deer webcam in Cabaneros National Park in Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

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More info: Cabaneros National Park covers an area of 390 square kilometres and is located in the Montes de Toledo. It falls within two provinces, the northwest of Ciudad Real and the southwest of Toledo.

It is the best and largest surviving area of Iberian Mediterranean forest, with an enormous variety of plant and tree species including Gall oaks, maples, Holm oaks cork oaks and aromatic Mediterranean shrubs.

Cabaneros National park is home to 276 species of vertebrates including red deer, roe deer and (in the most forested areas) fallow deer. Spain has 2 types of red deer : European red deer and Iberian red deer. The European red deer is the largest of all red deer. The European roe deer is the smallest and most elegant native deer of Europe.

The lower grassland area of Cabaneros is known as the raña and is a great plain located in the south east of the park and is where red deer can be seen. The raña is also home to birds like the great bustard, the little bustard and large birds of prey such as the black vulture.