• Local time
  • Location: Brownville, Maine, United States
  • Source: Brownville Food Pantry For Deer
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing white tailed deer at a feeding station in Brownville, Maine, United States. The webcam gives a close up view of one of the feed troughs frequented by the deer.
    To help feed the deer and make a donation visit the facebook page of Brownville Food Pantry For Deer – a non profit organisation

More info: The Brownville Food Pantry For Deer feed approximately 400 pounds of local grown oats a day to white tailed deer, in order to help the deer through the harsh winter months. Feeding time is around 9am ( Local Time ) and starts on December 16th through to the beginning of April. There may be up to 200 deer at the feeder – these are wild deer and some have been visiting for more than 10 years.
You may also see wild turkeys visiting in large flocks.

The size and weight of white-tailed deer varies considerably over their range, partly due to nutrition but mostly due to genetic changes due to evolution. In the 1800’s, German biologist Carl Bergmann demonstrated that for many species of mammals and birds, body size and mass increases the further north you go, allowing animals to survive harsh winters. An adult whitetail in the desert southwest might range from 80-130 pounds, while in Maine, females (“does”) can reach 200 and males (“bucks”) can reach well over 300 pounds. It can take five or six years for a deer to reach the upper end of the weight range, and in the wild, deer may live into their teens.