egyptian fruit bat


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  • Location: Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Source: Charter Group Birdcams/
  • Info: Live Eqyptian fruit bat webcam at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Watch these wild bats which are free to come and go so you will find them mainly during the day while they rest rather than at night when they forage. As well as using their sight and developed sense of smell to locate food, Egyptian Fruit bats can also echolocate and fly in the dark.

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More info: The Egyptian fruit bat can be found throughout Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent. Other populations can additionally be found in the Mediterranean on the mainland coasts of Cyprus and Turkey.

Adult Egyptian fruit bats weigh 80–170 g (2.8–6.0 oz).Males are larger than females and can be easily distinguished by their large scrotums and the prominent, stiff strands of hair around their throats.

The Egyptian fruit bat has one of the greatest ratios of brain weight to body weight of any bat species. It is well adapted to seeing in low light and possesses a highly developed sense of smell.

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