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  • Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, United States
  • Source: See Jackson Hole
  • Info: Live Streaming webcam showing wild elk in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, United States. The webcam is located at the National Elk Refuge.

More info: Home to one of the largest elk herds on earth, The National Elk Refuge is a Wildlife Refuge located in Jackson Hole which was created in 1912 to protect habitat and provide sanctuary for the elk. Elk have figured prominently in the history and culture of Jackson Hole and are just as important to today's residents of the valley.

There are an estimated 11,000 elk in the Jackson elk herd. Elk use extensive spring, summer, and fall ranges to the north west, and east of the refuge and as far away as southern Yellowstone National Park.

Elk migrations may occur over periods of a few days to several weeks. Some Jackson elk move hardly at all because their ranges are closer to the refuge, while others cover up to 60 miles between summer and winter ranges. Spring migrations to calving and summer range begin when the snow recedes and new vegetation appears, usually in April and May.