wood mouse


  • Local Time
  • Location: Lichfield, UK
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing small mammals in a garden in England. The webcam is inside a special viewing box and visitors include shrews, wood mice and bank voles.

More info: The bank vole is a rodent found in woodland areas, throughout much of Europe and northwestern Asia. Its diet changes with season and location but includes green parts of plants and fruits and seeds from available trees. The bank vole is active both day and night.

The wood mouse favours forests, grasslands, and cultivated fields. It usually lives in a burrow and makes a nest of grass and plants but during extreme cold it will move in to buildings. The wood mouse diet consists of seeds, roots, fruit, and insects. Most wood mice are nocturnal.

Shrews are easily recognised by their pointed snouts. Their main food source is insects but they will also eat earthworms, small slugs and snails. Shrews have a number of predators including owls, kestrels, weasels, foxes and stoats. They are often found abandoned by the predator, particularly cats due to a foul tasting liquid produced from glands on the skin.