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  • Location: Johnstone Strait, British Columbia
  • Source: www.explore.org
  • Info: Live underwater camera showing orcas ( Killer Whales ) undertaking " beach rubbing " in the Johnstone Strait in British Columbia.

  • More Info: Scientists are still unsure as to why orcas carry out beach rubbing but it seems to be unique amongst northern resident populations, whose habitat ranges from northern Vancouver Island to the waters of southeast Alaska. Family pods of orcas generally return to the same beaches which have a steep incline and loose rounded pebbles. One though is that it is a social activity providing enjoyment. It is possible that it is a way of removing parasites or maybe they just like to have a belly rub.

    Despite being called killer whales, orcas are not whales but dolphins. Their diet varies depending upon their location and the season but includes fish, walruses, seals, sea lions, penguins, squid, sea turtles, sharks and even other kinds of whales. An average size orca will consume just over 200kgs of food per day.