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  • Location: Southwestern Pennsylvania, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing white tailed deer in a forested area of Pennsylvania, United States. This Pixcontroller Wildlife Webcam apart from white tailed deer has also seen Gray Squirrels, Chipmunks, Red Fox, Cross Fox, Gray Fox, Coyotes, Wild Turkeys and Raccoons.

More info: The white-tailed deer is Pennsylvania’s state animal. Deer play an important role in the forests, and have been a part of Penn’s Woods for many centuries. Historically, Native Americans depended on white-tailed deer as a source of food, clothing, shelter and trading goods.
Deer are a very productive species. In good habitat, adult females often produce twins and triplets each year. In a Michigan study, 10 deer were enclosed in a 1,100-acre preserve. After five years without hunting or predators, the population grew to over 200 deer. Today, Pennsylvania has an estimated 1.5 million deer—about 30 deer per square mile which is more than three times what the state had before European settlement.