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  • Location: South western Pennsylvania, United States UK
  • Source: PixCams
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing wild red foxes in Pennsylvania. The webcam is located at a red fox den.
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More info: The den site is at the edge of a field which has been used by red foxes in previous years.

There are two types of foxes in Pennsylvania, the red fox which is the most common, and the gray fox which is more rare. Red foxes are an orange-red colour with black legs and a white tipped tail and are commonly found in open lots and farmland. Gray foxes have gray coats, a black-tipped tail and prefer forest habitats and the banks of rivers or streams.

Foxes are active throughout the day, but spend most of their time hunting prey at dawn or dusk. Foxes are aggressive, opportunistic feeders that prefer small animals like rabbits, rodents and poultry, but will also eat fruit, insects and eggs. Foxes readily adapt to suitable urban environments where food and shelter are available.

In natural settings, foxes den in burrows which are created from rock piles, tree hollows and brush piles. In urban settings, foxes will den under houses, sheds, hot tubs, decks, patios and other structures. The breeding season lasts from March through April. After a short gestation period, the vixens will typically have 3-5 pups.