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  • Location: Transylvania, Romania
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing wild boar in Transylvania, Romania. Watch also for brown bearsred deer, roe deer, foxes, rabbits and wolves. The wild boar arrive around 6pm local time and there is a night vision camera as well.

  • More Info: The wild boar is able to adapt and live in a wide range of habitats and is found in wooded forests, grassy savanna areas, agricultural areas and shrublands of Europe, north-western Africa and Asia. The wild boar is a nocturnal mammal and spends the daytime nesting in a shelter made of grass and leaves. Wild boars are omnivorous with a diet including roots, tubers, bulbs, acorns, insects, snails, small mammals like moles, nuts, worms and even poisonous snakes.

    Wild boars and domesticated pigs are the same species. They can interbreed and produce viable offspring. Wild pigs first evolved in India around 30 million years ago and later spread throughout Europe, Central Asia and Africa. After spreading to the Americas, they died out but were later reintroduced after Columbus's arrival. In prehistoric times people found that young boars could be kept in the villages and bred. As time went on domesticated wild boars evolved into domesticated pigs.