squirrel with a nut


  • Local Time
  • Location: Garden of Tom n Liz, Littlehouse, Prairie Village, Kansas, USA
  • Source: www.tomnliz.com
  • Info: Live video camera showing gray squirrels and birds at a feeder in the garden of Tom and Liz, in Kansas.

  • More Info: The state of Kansas has three species of tree squirrels. Gray squirrels, fox squirrels and southern flying squirrels. Gray squirrels are slightly smaller than fox squirrels and are a grey colour with white underparts and white tipped tail. The fox squirrel is the most common species and is so called because its colour often resembles the brownish, red-orange of the red fox. The southern flying squirrel is the smallest tree squirrel species in Kansas. This squirrel is a protected nongame species. Unlike the fox and gray squirrels, flying squirrels are nocturnal. They use their extremely large eyes and keen sense of smell for foraging at night.