walrus head and tusks


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  • Location: The Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, Round Island, Alaska
  • Source: www.explore.org
    Live streaming walrus webcam in Alaska. The walruses are located at Main Beach on Round Island in The Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary.

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More Info: The Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary (WISGS) encompasses seven small, isolated islands in Bristol Bay. Best known among the WISGS islands is Round Island, where large numbers of male walruses haul out on exposed, rocky beaches. Male walruses return to these haulouts every spring as the ice pack recedes northward, remaining in Bristol Bay to feed. The number of walrus using the island fluctuates significantly from year to year. However, up to 14,000 walruses have been counted on Round Island in a single day.

This moustached, long tusked sea mammal is most often found near the Arctic circle. The walrus is a pinniped, or fin-footed mammal, and is related to seals and sea lions. On land, whilst some seals are only able to undulate and drag themselves along with their flippers the walrus is able to move – quite quickly – on all fours.

The food of choice for a walrus is clams but they will also eat sea cucumbers, coral, a variety of mollusks, shrimp, crabs, tube worms, tunicates, and other small marine organisms. Walruses are able to dive to a depth of about 80-90 metres, and stay underwater for 30 minutes at a time. Orcas and polar bears are their only natural predators.

Video showing walruses relaxing on a beach:

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