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  • Location: The Donkey Barn at The Service Dog Project, Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States
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  • Info: Live streaming donkey webcam showing rescued donkeys in Massachusetts, United States. The webcam is located in a barn at the Service Dog Project Farm in Ipswich. The farm provides a home for rescued donkeys, miniature horses and donkeys which will become " therapy donkeys "

More info: Some of the donkeys at Service Dog Project, have been rescued from slaughter by the Equine Rescue Network and most of them came from the 'kill pens' in Texas. Their journey begins when they arrive to quarantine in Boxford, Massachusetts for a month of R and R. After that the donkeys are moved to Hamilton for training.

The donkeys that are the most suited for the revered job of “Therapy Donkey" are moved to Donkey Hill at the Service Dog Project. Research has shown that spending time with donkeys has enormous therapeutic benefits. Donkeys are naturally calm animals and their slow and steady presence gives a feeling of security and comfort.

There are other rescued donkeys that are resident at the farm - they are considered work-in-progress donkeys that are looking for loving homes. As well as rescuing donkeys, the Service Dog Project train great danes and other large breed dogs to assist people who have severe balance and mobility limitations.