friends of felines rescue center


More info: The Friends of Felines Rescue Center started in 1999 as a mother and daughter concern and with just one room and 12 cats. The center grew and grew as they soon became aware how much a no/kill cat rescue was needed. Friends of Felines Rescue Center is a non-profit, cage free facility with the aim of finding kittens and cats a place in loving indoor forever homes. They provide a temporary home to orphaned, abandoned or abused cats and sterilise cats and kittens before adoption to help control problems associated with feline over-population.

At Friends of Felines Rescue Center the cats live together in a very clean and cat friendly environment designed for them to have total freedom. There is plenty of space for the cats to run around, play or relax and take a nap. All have cat walks, trees for climbing, comfortable beds and toys galore.

Some of the cats wear collars which shows that they are not up for adoption but are permanent residents due to age, circumstances or medical reasons.

The center receives no local or government funding and relies entirely on the kindness of private donations.