More info: Three years ago, the city of Los Angeles proposed a Citywide Cat Program that would include support for trap-neuter-return (known as TNR). When the cats are neutered or spayed, an ear tip is notched. The program would also allow households to take in as many as five cats, up from the current limit of three.

Now, after a three-year study, the city has issued an environmental impact report, and the City Council approved it making way for the cat program to finally go into effect.

Under the program, the city plans to offer 20,000 vouchers annually for free spaying and neutering to experienced volunteer trapping groups. The city estimates that the number of cats on the street will go down from 342,915 (a figure arrived at through a population model) to 296,196 — in 30 years. That is nearly a 14% decrease. The city says its plan would prevent the births of more than a million kittens over that time.

Meanwhile, the city would continue to offer low-income residents vouchers to get their cats sterilised. The city would also start a Working Cat Program that would relocate some feral cats (after they are trapped and neutered) to barns, warehouses and other venues where the felines act as deterrents. And the city plans an education campaign to stress the importance of spaying/neutering pets and keeping cats indoors at all times.